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New Member Inquiries

Prospective new members

Thank you for inquiring about being a member of our squadron.

Starting in January 2022, the process for new members to join the squadron will change.


Cadet members (Ages 12-17)

Cadet members are the backbone of the Civil Air Patrol. At a composite squadron, the majority of the membership are cadets.

The first impressions for a new cadet and the process getting them to the first promotion are critical to the longevity of membership.

In order to make sure all new cadets are given the best chance to succeed in the program, the following new process will be followed:

  1. All new prospective cadets will attend the first meeting on the first Thursday of the month only. On that first day, all new cadets will be given a full review of the program, introductions to the cadet and senior staff and have any questions answered.

  2. During the next subsequent 2 meetings, new cadets will be placed into training flight and begin the introductory training all cadets receive. While new cadets will not be able to officially sign in for meetings, the time spent during these meeting will count towards the first promotion.

  3. At the fourth meeting, all new cadets will be interviewed by 2 members of the squadron. After the interview, if accepted to join, cadets will be given a link to complete an online application. Once approved, the cadet and parent / guardian will receive an email with the cadets new Civil Air Patrol ID number and instructions how to complete the sign-up process on the national CAP website.

  4. During the next meeting, the new cadet will continue with the training they started the weeks prior and be fitted for a uniform. [Note: Uniform sizes available will vary and not all sizes will be available].


Adult members (Ages 18 and up)

Adults wishing to join the squadron should contact the squadron (if you have not already) before attending. One of our officers will contact you back and let you know the best day to attend.



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