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IT 26AUG2020

Information Technology update – 26 August 2020

Greetings members.

Welcome to this month’s Information Technology update. This month, let’s talk Linux.

The first Linux operating system was released in 1991. Linux is an open source platform, meaning that the source code is free to download and edit. This allows extensive customization and an unlimited series of versions. Versions of Linux are used now for smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, routers, network switches and numerous other personal devices. The very popular Raspberry Pi mini computer runs a Linux bases system as well.

To make better use of the older computers we have at the squadron, Linux Mint was installed. This version of Linux will have a common feel for most Windows users. The interface is purposely modeled to make navigation easy. It also includes LibreOffice, an open source version of the Windows Office suite.

All the computers in our operations room have been upgraded, and the remaining computers are in process. If you want to take Linux Mint for a test drive, go for it. Have an old computer at home that can’t run the newer version of Windows? Here’s a good opportunity to breathe new life into that old PC.

Quick note for Windows users. If you’re using any operating system below Windows 10, support will be very limited. Windows 8 ended main support in 2018 and extended support ends in 2023. This means, no more security updates will be made available. Windows 7 support completely ended in January.

If you have any questions, see our IT officer during a meeting or send me an email.

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