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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the age limit to join?

Those wishing to join as a cadet can join at age 12 and before there 18th birthday. Cadets may remain in the cadet program until there 21st birthday.

Adult membership begins at 18, with no upper age limit.


My child just became 12 and wants to visit a meeting. What should we do?

Starting January 2022, we will be adjusting our process for new members. Please visit our new member page for details.


What process do adults have to go through to join?

All adult members are required to submit a fingerprint card and a background check is conducted by the FBI.

In the event any adult applying for membership fails the background check for any reason, they would be unable to join.

Any adult submitting false information on an application would be subject to immediate termination of membership.


Do I have to join the military later on if I join as a cadet?

No. Joining the military is not required as a result of membership in CAP. However, cadet membership is favorable for admission to colleges and military academies.


What is the cost to join?

Cadet membership is $35 and adult membership is $65, both are renewed yearly. Additional costs will include certain uniform items and special activities.


I want to be a cadet, but I am busy with sports when school starts. What should I do?

We highly encourage an active lifestyle for all of our members. The CAP program runs year long, so the school year does not have an effect. If cadets will be required to miss meetings due to sports, they can let the squadron know they will be away, but plan to return once sports are complete.


I want to join, but I can't make meetings on Thursday's. Do I have options?

Yes you do. There are many other CAP units in Maryland and all other states. If our Thursday meeting night is not convenient, please take a look at our other units and find one that meets your schedule. You can find a complete listing of Maryland Wing units at To locate a unit in another state, please visit


Can I earn my pilot's license in CAP?

Cadets do have the opportunity to use our aircraft fleet for primary instruction, once they meet certain requirements.

Unfortunately, primary flight instruction is not available for adult members. However, private pilots that meet certain criteria do have the option of obtaining an advanced rating.


How do I get a uniform?

Each squadron has a limited supply of basic uniform items that are available free of charge to both cadet and adult members.

All new cadet members will receive a $100 voucher towards ordering a brand new dress uniform once they complete the first achievement.

All other items (patches, name tapes, etc) are available for purchase from Vanguard Industries or might be available from the squadron.

Details on the cadet uniform program are available at

Our uniform page has information on items that members can order online for uniforms.


What if I need information on something you didn't mention above?

Ooops, sorry, you asked a question about something we didn't mention above.

Please use the "Contact Squadron" link and send us a message.




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